A hospital staff member speaking to a patient that is checking in for their appointment

Proactively prevent revenue leakage and patient out-migration.

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2/3 of your patients wont complete follow-up imaging

This can have catastrophic downstream effects for both your patients and your organization.

Revenue Leakage


Poor Patient Outcomes

Inflo Health can help.

Examples of the clinical indications that the Inflo Health deep learning NLP engine extracts

Leverage AI to identify patients who need follow-up care

Your radiology reports are analyzed by our deep learning NLP engine for the presence of actionable findings and enriched with guidelines-based data.

Sample screen of study details showing Provider and Patient outreach options

Automate care navigation workflows to bring them back to you

We identify expected but unscheduled follow-ups and automate provider and patient outreach to ensure the next best step is taken.

Inflo Health is on your side.

Your patients

get the care they need.

Your team

is freed from managing manual lists.

Your organization

saves costs, reduces risk, and improves quality metrics.