Presenting medical images

Spend less time
doing more.

Inflo Health works with you to optimize your current team so you can waste less time and attention on non-clinical work.

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Workflow complexity and inefficiency in Radiology contributes to:


280% increase in the use of CT from the Emergency Department


10X increase in Imaging volume over 10-years in the US


48% burnout rate for Radiologists, higher than the mean for all physicians

Inflo Health can help.

Medical chart

Reduce wasted attention

Our AI-driven engine analyzes study metadata and descriptions to route new studies to the right worklist, eliminating the need for complex, rules-based filters where studies slip through the cracks.

Medical chart

Save time for critical studies

We dynamically prioritize studies within each worklist, ensuring the right study is read at the right time. We integrate with your existing PACS/RIS or Worklist Manager, so there is no new software to learn.

Inflo Health is on your side.

Your patients

get the care that they need, and no studies slip through the cracks.

Your team

is freed from non-clinical work and wasted attention.

Your organization

saves costs, reduces risk, and improves quality metrics.